How To Add The Moon In Photoshop

Struggling to figure out why the moon you’ve been trying to add into your images just doesn’t look quite, right? Maybe you’ve never even known how to add in a moon but are dying to learn how. Luckily this tutorial covers all bases and is perfect for everyone from the Photoshop virgin to the seasoned vet.


In this tutorial I discuss 3 steps to add a moon into any image using Adobe Photoshop. The 3 steps I cover are:

  1. How to properly adjust curves to make it appear more realistic
  2. How to adjust your colour balance to make it blend with its environment
  3. Adding a glow to give off the illusion of reflecting the suns light

The best part? You can do it all in under 5 minutes!


Click play on the video below and get creating! If you want to follow along with the same images used in the tutorial, click HERE to download the images!

Hope this tutorial helped you guys! Would love to hear your thoughts about the video; or if you have any ideas for future tutorials you would like to see!


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